rly, and locked

the box up in▓ the closet of his writing-desk. “T●here,” he said, “that’s the best thing▓ to do.I’ll take care of it.●Some day you may have a little sympathy to waste● on your father, and then you’l▓l be glad this writing was not destroyed.▓” We had breakfast, and after the cups and ▓saucers were cleared away,

Collect from /
  • selves

    to our ordinary ▓foren

    oon occupation.It turned ou▓t indeed that

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  • my go

    od spirits were, as● Meri

    vale had suspected, to some extent rea▓ct

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  • ionary:

    but they left me sober r

    ather ●than sad.I was absent-minde●d and

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  • commi

    tted numberless blunde▓

    rs while my friend dictated his▓ poems: b

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ut I did not

let my thoughts settle d▓own again upon the matters that had e▓ngaged them during the night.● They simply wandered a

bout in ●a random way from one indifferent t●opic to another, as it is the habit of t?/p> read more


坔oughts to do when the thinke▓r has not had his cu